Suicide and Mental Health

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Regular media coverage of suicide news has increased substantially in the recent years. Suicide is one of the top three major causes of death. According to World Health Organization, approximately 703,000 people die around the world by suicide each year. Survey data says, 13 out of per 1 lakh people take their lives by suicide in India. Certainly these figures are unpleasant for the readers but these are the facts as well as warnings to be concerned about seriousness of the issue. The numbers are increasing every year. Every year thousands of young adults end their lives by suicide due to different reasons and many suicide attempts are reported as per the official records. A few highly successful celebrities have ended their lives in the recent years. Each year a large number of students choose to die by suicide. According to health experts, multiple major factors can contribute to a person developing suicidal thoughts. But mental disorder is the root of all the potential causes. Mental illness does not cause only suicidal thoughts but also impacts one’s behaviour and lifestyle.

Health care is incomplete if we do not take care of our mental health. A person is considered to be healthy when his holistic health condition is good. Human body and mind have to work collaboratively for proper functioning. So both physical and mental health are essential for well being. Mental health affects our thought process, emotions, and behaviour. It is a crucial part of our daily lives. Nowadays, busy life and tight scheduling are often seen as an indication of high self-worth and status. However, lack of work-life balance prevents us from taking care of ourselves and leads to an unhealthy and unhappy life. Experiences, Environment, Genetic or Neurochemistry, etc., are major factors that affect mental health and cause consequential health problems such as Depression, Anxiety, Panic-attacks, mood swings, sleeping and eating disorder, fatigue, etc., and sometimes develop suicidal thought. Many people tend to become drug addicted as a result of mental health  problems.

People often ignore or neglect mental health issues because unlike physical illness, symptoms of mental health problems are not visible unless and until any drastic affect on health is seen. For many people, it is a sign of weakness because still there are a lot of stigma surrounding mental health. Mental illness can affect our physical health because our bodies and minds are not separate. It is said that health is wealth. We all have problems and hard time in life. In order to maintain a stable lifestyle in critical situations, healthy mind and body is immensely necessary. Whether it is a swamped work schedule or hectic situation, there are ways to embrace healthy lifestyle into daily routine and maintain a healthy living. Negative thoughts are the most common cause of deprived mental health. So it is very important to get rid of negative thoughts from our minds.

Yoga or a vacation can help us to refresh our minds and improve productivity in life. Spending time with nature or family and friends is an impactful way of relaxation. Outdoor physical activities are highly important for both physical and mental health. Consultation with right people and taking proper guidance and medication is necessary if the issues become so bad. There are a variety of treatments available for mental illness but it is important to accept that someone is suffering from a mental health condition. People should understand the importance of talking about mental health because it is not just a personal problem, it is a serious problem that impacts an entire society.


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