Future of Hydrogen Fuel

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The hydrogen fuel that launches NASA’s rockets into the space and provides electrical power via fuel cells produces only one major waste product, which is water. The emitted water is so pure that astronaut crew members can drink it. They do not emit greenhouse gases so air pollution can be reduced. Hydrogen fuelled vehicles sound absolutely lower and clean, so it has very less chance of sound pollution. But why still hydrogen fuel has not gone mainstream? inspite of having multiple edges, hydrogen fuel is not being accepted as an efficient energy solution due to its complicated and expensive production process. Hydrogen itself is a very eco-friendly fuel but its production process have a significant impact on our climate as most hydrogen is made from other fosil fuels. This process usually involves separating hydrogen atoms from carbon atoms in methane or other fosil fuels and harmful green house gases are released in the process which contributes to the global warming and ozone depletion.

There are other methods of hydrogen production being explored by the scientists. Researchers are searching for efficient and eco-friendly ways of hydrogen production commercially. Electrolysis, Biological, Solar-powered, etc., Methods are being explored to produce hydrogen cheaply and without fossil fuels.

There are still a number of challenges in production and usage of hydrogen. Despite the challenges, many countries are focusing on promoting the climate-friendly fuel. It has huge potential that is why experts predict that it will certainly emerge as the fuel of the future. Climate change and fuel shortage are going to be major coexisting challenges in the near future for the mankind, so looking for new alternative energy sources is undoubtedly an unquestionable necessity for the upcoming generations.


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