Democracy in Russia

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Russia yet to see the true democracy. Since 2000, a former intelligence official, named Vladimir Putin has been running the largest country in the world. He is in power since last 20 years and is the longest serving leader in the Russian political history after Joseph Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union for almost three decades. As per the latest ammendment of the Russian constitution, Putin might be allowed to be in power till 2036. Joseph Stalin, who used his power to terrorise people, ruled as absolute dictator of the Soviet Union during the second world war. After his death people believed that Russia’s autocratic rule might finally end. But Putin’s authoritarian regime has shifted from autocracy to personalist dictatorship.

Thousands of Russians have gathered at the border areas of russia to cross the border and leave their country after an announcement made by the President Vladimir Putin. Inspite of surging price, one way flight tickets out of Russia are sold out and exodus of Russians began when the ruler of Russia announced about the mobilization of civilians into the Russian military after Russian armed forces suffered significant loses in their invasion of Ukraine. Putin’s decision to announce a partial mobilisation has triggered escaping of men of military age who are against a war. They do not want blood, they want peace.

When Vladimir Putin ordered invasion of Ukraine, he dreamt of restoring the glorious Russian Empire. He started the war against Ukraine without preparing his nation for a war. He did not expect that massive lose which occurred after two weeks of the war. Putin started controlling independent media and banned social media across the nation to conceal the truth. International sanctions shrank Russian economy and worsened people’s lives. Millions of people have been displaced. Thousands of soldiers and civilians have lost their lives. Billions of dollars properties have destroyed. While many people believe that a strong authoritarian government is better than liberal democratic governance for national development, countries like Russia has been witnessing its dark consequences for years. Replacing such authoritarianism and dictatorship may bring hope among Russian people and its neighbours who call for a stable and peaceful nation and a better future because a strong democracy allows people to live with liberty, dignity and equality.


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