Why is Positivity important?

The dawn of The Information Age or Information Era has made it’s possible to access almost any information and is making an idea possible. The trend of information & stories is not going to end until the extinction of human civilization. information is unlimited. Internet is the crucial communication technology of the information age. this new media technology provides smart ways of transmission & exchange of information.  Content is the currency of the internet. The Internet carries a vast range of information, it contains all kinds of information sources. It’s important to Assess content consumption habits and change them, if necessary, to improve attitudes, behaviors, and qualities of lives.

Feeding Negative Information Damages Our Brain & Body, While Positive Information Consumption Improves them. Our Body acts as the brain directs. We can benefit greatly in our personal, & professional lives from exposing ourselves to positive information. It’s a mental diet consisting of quality food for your brain.

A positive attitude helps us cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. Positive information gives clarity and exposure to reality. Positive Thoughts bring hope, optimism into our life, make us smarter, help to gain problem-solving ability, and make it easier to make good decisions and avoid worries, and Challenge and do professional as well as everyday life things without stress.

Everybody Wants Good Content But People tend to pay more attention to the negative things because of a psychological function called negativity bias, but we hate negativity though the reality is nobody can completely ignore negative things as we have to present the negative things to compare & highlight the positive things. It is essential to analyze things and take potential Negative things as a precaution or challenge and the positive side as an opportunity. everything has two sides, positive and negative. there may have a positive side to a negative news story. we have to tell what’s wrong to show what’s right. we have to talk about what is bad to mention how to make it good. we have to discuss a problem to find its solution. we can’t see the existence of light without darkness. positive content doesn’t mean feel-good content, content that has a positive impact is positive content. We curate Good Content because After all, Our focus is on the Positive side. Our final product is positivity, the purpose is to spread positivity to make people more productive, and happy. StorySup along with its Content Team is Dedicated to Provide You with High-quality Positive Content that Boosts Productivity in Personal, & Professional life and Makes Life Happier, Exciting & Easy.


Our Thoughts and emotions can affect Physical & Mental health. Every time we have a thought and it’s estimated that about 60,000 of them ricochet through our mind each day—our brain pumps out chemicals that influence the way we feel. It’s essential to recognize our thoughts and be aware of the effect it has on our bodies & behavior. Our brain is wired to focus on the negative. Because of the mind-body connection, our negative thoughts really can affect our actions And we can’t expect a good result without good action. Our Body Follows Our Mind; It does what Our Mind Commands.

Negative Thoughts and Negative People Negatively impact our mood, health, and even our life. it’s a major reason for poverty. most people are poor because of negativity, while billionaires are too rich because of positivity. Life is all about psychology. our brain and its thought process control our lives. Hard work and Positive perception are integrated parts of success. Success and Failure depend on how people think and act. So don’t forget to take care of your brain. Mind is Everything for humans.

Negative attitudes and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can create chronic stress, which upsets the body’s hormone balance, depletes the brain chemicals required for happiness, and damages the immune system.

Negative Thoughts are responsible for Depression, Anxiety, difficulties in decision making, mood disorders, losing concentration, laziness, restlessness, unhappiness, failure, suicidal thoughts & High blood pressure. More than 700000 people suicide due to depression or stress every year. Misleading information creates confusion, new problems, simple things more complicated and makes it difficult to make good decisions.

Negative Thoughts can lead to an advanced level of nervousness, concentration difficulties, depression, decreased motivation, reduced productivity, and fear.

Research suggests that negative thoughts may cause serious health problems, like heart disease. Mental Health Is Equally Important As Physical Health.

There’s depression, which is a serious diagnosis that can have repercussions far beyond feeling sad or losing appetite. It’s been connected with an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, heart attack, and a greater chance of disability later in life.

When we’re stressed or depressed, cortisol levels increase, making our immune system less able to control inflammation, which could lead to disease over time. This is also why negative people are more likely to get more sick than optimists.

Depression interrupts Social Connectivity. People who are more socially connected to family, friends, or their community are happier, physically healthier and live longer, with fewer mental health problems than people who are less well connected.

Information makes an idea possible. According to researches, Negative Information build a Negative personality which may end Possibilities. Negative People always see problems, not possibilities. They have a problem for every solution.

All this exposure to negative information about the state of the world is likely to have an impact on our state of mind, our moods, or even our happiness.

Negative News makes people feel bad, unhappy. Exposure to Negative News may have severe and long-lasting negative effects on our well-being. abusive contents & fake news mislead an entire society. Consuming too much Negative Content may affect our thought process.

A growing body of evidence illustrates the human tendency to prioritize negative over positive news. People respond quicker to negative words because of hunger to hear and remember bad news, which is called Negativity Bias. research shows us that what we see on the news can significantly impact our mental health. While negative news may influence our thinking through multiple mechanisms, one important consideration is how it interfaces with our cognitive biases, keeping our focus on everything that’s going wrong while blinding us to all the good things around us.

Bad things can happen quickly, but good things aren’t built in a day, and as they unfold, they will be out of sync with the news cycle. Negativity bias is leveraged by the media to increase profits. The fact is, bad news gets more attention, more clicks, and leads to more revenue for the publication. journalists are drawn to reporting bad news because sudden disaster is more compelling than slow improvements. News stations also depend on you to click their articles online because advertisers spend billions of dollars every year to advertise on big-name news outlets. Of course, We can’t ignore or neglect every Bad News! So, We need more focus on finding solutions for the problems happening around us than focusing on just ‘what’s going wrong! Reporting Negative News in a constructive way would hopefully help people have a more realistic picture of the world.

A positive attitude helps us cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. Positive Thoughts bring optimism into our lives and make it easier to make good decisions and avoid worries, and Challenges. When we add more positive thoughts, our brain will create relaxation and happiness. With a positive attitude, we see the possibilities, Solutions, become optimistic. Positive attitudes are found in positive people. People who have positive attitudes are healthier, happier, wealthier, socially connected, confident, courageous, productive, & successful (In a positive way)[N.B: Definitions of success are different for different people. basically, success is achieving a specific goal by executing a plan. it may be with a great intention or the worst intention.]

Uplifting News Stories that focused on solutions were shown to improve wellbeing. The consuming positive news is scientifically proven to lift our spirits. happy, feel-good news, enabling our cheerful mood to continue. Inspiring stories appear to create a feeling of optimism & motivation to move on.

It’s a mental diet consisting of quality food for your brain. positive content consumption boosts our productivity in everyday life.


We can benefit greatly in our personal lives from exposing ourselves to positive information.

A regular intake of upbeat information will not only make you feel happier and more satisfied, but it also has the potential to decrease the levels of circulating cortisol and its negative impact on your physical condition.

Researchers at the Harvard University School of Public Health found that optimism cuts the chances of developing heart disease and the rate of lung-decline as we age.

A study in 2000 found that when people consume positive news, levels of stress and anxiety decrease. Positive news can actually improve our health and lifestyle. Reading good news that offers solutions and hope can make us more active and focused. good news has been proven to increase our good mood hormones and even strengthen our faith in humanity.

Consuming Positive Contents usually make us happier and more optimistic about the world, because it reminds us that The World is a Good Place.

Internet literacy is undoubtedly necessary to get the best of The New Media. The StorySup is trying to enhance Digital literacy skills that allow you to find, use & share information in a productive & useful way.

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