Ukraine-based British-Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor Helps Buy Two Fighter Jets for Ukraine

Created By Bhavya Sukheja (Senior News Writer, NDTV)

Former Kyiv Post Owner Mohammad Zahoor reportedly helped purchase two fighter jets for Ukraine’s air force.

The billionaire has allegedly kept the donation a secret but allowed his wife, Kamaliya Zahoor, to disclose the procurement. “Zahoor gave me the green light to tell this. Because they [Mohammad Zahoor and other donors] hid these issues. They gave two fighter jets to Ukraine and help Ukraine, but do not disclose,” His Ukranian wife, who is a Luhansk-native singer and actress, said on a Ukrainian television talk show.

It is to mention that since the Russia-Ukraine war broke, Mr Zahoor, who used to live in Ukraine and was the former owner of the Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Post, has been pushing to ensure the safe evacuation of Ukrainian citizens. The Pakistan-born British businessman has been reportedly attempting to mobilise funds and help evacuate refugees to the UK and other parts of Europe.



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