Google employees salaries spreadsheet leaked: 5.9 Crore for Software engineers




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One of the Big four, tech giant Google has been known for offering its employees high salary and a confidential report published on Business Insider has revealed details as to which employees got paid how much annually in 2022.

An internal spreadsheet shared among Google employees reveals the company’s pay scale for various positions. According to the report, Google employees’ earnings go beyond base salaries and include equity options and bonuses. As per the cited source from Google, reviewed by Business Insider, The list includes roles like software engineers, business analysts, salespeople, and more. As many as 10 highest-paying positions in engineering, business, and sales at Google get base salaries into six figures.

The median total compensation for Google employees in 2022 reached $2,79,802 (Rs 2.30 crore). Notably, software engineers are the top earners at Google, with a maximum base salary of $7,18,000 (Rs 5.90 crore). Among the most paid roles, Engineering Manager (Software Engineering) gets paid $4,00,000 (Rs 3.28 crore), Enterprise Direct Sales: $3,77,000 (Rs 3.09 crore), Legal Corporate Counsel: $3,20,000 (Rs 2.62 crore), Sales Strategy: $3,20,000 (Rs 2.62 crore), UX Design: $3,15,000 (2.58 crore), Government Affairs & Public Policy: $3,12,000 (2.56 crore), Research Scientist: $3,09,000 (2.53 crore), Cloud Sales: $3,02,000 (2.47 crore), Program Manager: $3,00,000 (2.46 crore).


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