Dealing with the negative effects of online learning

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Covid-19 pandemic impacted almost every sector across the world. Education was one of the most significant sectors among those. It affected millions of students and teachers who previously had their regular classes in different institutions. Due to the pandemic, people got stuck at their homes. During the pandemic, the online classes were introduced to keep continuing the education process in most of the countries as well as in India.

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Though it was primarily made accessible in order to facilitate the reach of knowledge, Post-covid pandemic the education system has encountered some new problems related to the mental and physical health of the students. Getting easy access to the Internet and the online learning process has turned out to be a harmful cause for Children. It has been found in research that the increasing use of technology can affect children’s critical thinking ability, social behavior and negatively effect in the quality of sleep, concentration, memorizing capacity and communicating directly with people. The extensive use of smart gadgets including phones increased the post-traumatic symptoms among children during the pandemic and turned into cause of burn-out, and general stress. On the other hand, the online learning industry has grown at a higher scale in the last two years offering millions of learners the accessibility to study from their homes instead of presenting in the classroom.

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Internet and digital media platforms have become major factors in mental health issues such as depression and social anxiety. Social media fosters low self-esteem and contributes in increased incidences of suicide due to depression and personality disorder problems. Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms manipulate and affect logical mindset and get the brain accustomed to using only a limited portion of its capacity.

As per the studies, spending too much screen time on the smart devices affects muscle development and healthy body positions. It is also indicated that due to lack of time for outdoor activities, the new generations suffer bone and muscle disease such as arthritis, cervical spine pain, spinal disc, or even cardiovascular disease at a much younger age.

Now it is highly important to educate children about the importance of privacy and the diversity among people. Fostering book reading habit among people, especially Children will be undoubtedly a necessity for parents. Engaging in person to person interactions, encouraging playing outdoor physical and mindful games and spending time in nature will help in boosting self-confidence. Involving children in day-to-day activities, voluntary works as well as creative activities such as Gardening will make them more responsible and offer them relaxation, and a feeling of happiness.

Reducing the time spent using technology and increasing the time spent with nature and other people is the easiest way to deal with these negative impacts. It is important to keep in mind that we need to learn using of technology in an efficient and positive way so that it can be utilised for the betterment of our lives.


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