New Year Resolutions for learning English

  • Start thinking in English

If you live in a place where most people speak the language you are learning, you may use the language for several hours each day and you start thinking in that language. Your mind stops trying to translate things from your native language into the second language. You may not have many chances to practice English if you live in a place where English is not the native language. The problem with thinking in your native language and translating is that it results in sentences that are not correct in English because the grammar and sentence structure are often different in English and your native language. Also, it takes too much time to think and translate when you’re in a conversation – leading to pauses, hesitations, and the inability to speak fast and fluently. Speaking English in your head is a great way to practice English. When you think in English, it helps you internalize the language and When you internalize information, it means you learn it so well that you no longer need to think about it. Internalizing English means you don’t need to remember the rules and pronunciations every time you speak.

  • Start listening to more English speakers

Listening is a great way to train our attention. We can learn new words and expressions by hearing them frequently. Listening helps you not only learn new vocabulary but also improve your pronunciation.

  • Identify your weaknesses

Figure out your weaknesses in English. You can talk about: Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, Listening.

  • Read more English articles

Reading will help you to improve your understanding of the language and build your vocabulary. If you want to learn English more quickly, lots of reading is important. The more you read, the more input your brain gets about how the language works.

  • Practice every day.

To become a fluent English speaker, you must master speaking. The more you speak, the more comfortable you will feel about speaking. Speaking is the second of the four language skills, which are: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.


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