2 Youths from Assam Develop Twitter (X) alternative Social Media Platform



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Two ambitious youths from Assam’s Bajali district have drawn attention for developing an alternative social media platform which features a Peacock logo that represents the India’s National Bird.

Sasanka Talukdar and Paras Das are the brains behind this social media that serves as an alternative platform to Twitter, which is now called ‘X’. “Our app lets users share status updates, photos, and videos with their friends, just like other popular social media platforms. It will be available for both iOS and Android phones, and we hope people will enjoy using it.”, Sasanka told the media.

Refering to the other popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., he has expressed their determination to give their best along with the other team members to make the project successful.

While the full details of the features and other functionalities are yet to be disclosed, it has already grabbed attention and sparked curiosity among the social media users.

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