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Recently, on 28th March, Indraprastha College for Women witnessed an incident where students alleged that as the performer at the event entered, a stampede ensued and men sealed the walls. Several women were harassed and injured. A video surfaced all over the internet where several men were seen climbing the wall of the campus, them harassing, groping and eve teasing the students.

Whenever we hear the word “Women empowerment”, the first thing that comes to our mind is-When will women finally have the bare minimum privilege of being safe?”. Never ending crimes against women should be put in check and the evolution must be a collective effort. Since laws have been made but the crime rate is still on spike. Not a day goes by where we do not hear of the news of a crime against women in all walks of life. It is ironical to see the status of women safety in India, a country where women are being worshiped.

According to statistics, it is found that a woman is being raped every twenty minutes. The National Crime Victimization Survey estimates that 6.1 sexual assaults occur per 1000 students per year. Indian women are continuously facing numerous problems such as, sexual harassment acid attack, dowry deaths, forced prostitution, eve teasing honor killings, female infanticide, trafficking and so much more that the list is endless. What can be more shameful than the fact that women are scared of going out in 21″ century.

The glances though were never enough, women have started facing unacceptable behaviour inside university campuses. Men chanting “Miranda IP dono humara”. “Miranda nahi chhoda to IP bhi nahi chhodenge” were seen in every nook and corner of the campus. The most saddening part does not end here. Instead of taking action against those men, the college authorities locked the hostelers. Many more colleges like Miranda, Daulat Ram College. Gurgi became targets of similar incidents highlighting the need of women’s safety. This behaviour of victim blaming the women is not new, whenever something happens to women society has their pretexts ready. Wearing short dresses, being out till late night and a lot to on. The day we stop victim blaming will be the day we go a step forward towards women safety. The fact that the university campus security is so weak that outsiders can enter the campus and do such menuce is shameful in itself. Boarders should feel safe inside the campus and should have the liberty to roam around freely inside the campus.

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