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It is that time of the year again when we bid adieu to the present year and welcome the upcoming year with outstretched arms, hope, the zeal to work towards our goals and new dreams. Last two years have been difficult on us with the spread of the coronavirus. The pandemic made us stay away from our loved ones, live in the constant fear of a virus taking our near and dear ones away. The celebrations have also been rather dull because we kept living in the scare of a virus that grappled the world.

However, it’s now time to say goodbye to another year which showed us that when we are together, we can beat the virus, when we have hope in our hearts and precautionary measures up our sleeves, we can always emerge victorious. This New Year’s Eve is special, especially after last year when we had to stay away, in isolation and in fear. This year, we look forward to meeting our family, friends, have a hearty meal, share a joke or two and celebrate togetherness. We have curated a few ideas on how you can spend your New Year’s Eve at home, with your loved ones by your side and a smile on your face.

New Year eve special meal – This is the time of the year when we see homecoming of our loved ones. People staying in different states or countries for their jobs or studies come back home to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of next year together. Prepare a hearty meal with your family, have a laughter round the dinner table and feel blessed that you have your near and dear ones close to you.

Prepare breakfast for New Year – You can also prepare a hearty breakfast for the next day. The next day will be another year and there’s one way of walking to it in style – with a whole lot of food in hand. From cakes to pancakes to a banana bread, have a great breakfast for the first day of 2022.

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