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Something special is happening in the world today… the merging of spirituality and business.
Human beings, I’ve come to understand, operate at different levels of awareness and presence in the world.
When we think about the best performers at work, we often attribute the results to attitude, hard work, hustle and other stuff that we learned as important in school.
Yes, these things have their place, but only at a certain level of consciousness
There’s a level beyond that. And it’s the topic of my next book, tentatively titled ‘Superhumans At Work’.
It’s a training that I’ve delivered at Google and it’s a training I’ve delivered to government departments and it’s going to change the way that work ‘works’.
I’m showing people how to go beyond the ‘hustle’ to a level where you’re able to a level where you’re able to tap into heightened states of consciousness to allow you to effortlessly glide through the world whilst simultaneously creating the impact you want to.
Go Beyond Hustle

When you’re operating from these states, you notice certain things:
You find great joy in what you do. Work and play become one thing — living a blessed life.
You’re no longer burdened by thoughts of overwhelm. In fact, multitasking becomes easy for you. You can juggle multiple projects with an ease which astounds people.
You’re able to create positive vibes and energy with the people you’re working with. This means all relationships are win-win, all interactions operate at high levels of positivity and care.
You’re able to tap into ideas, inspiration, and creativity on demand. This allows an instant source of innovation and creative output.
Failures become rarer and when they do occur they are nothing more course corrections and you tend to hit goals without feeling overwhelmed.
Life seems to flow almost as if it’s blessed by luck and synchronicity.
These ideas may sound mystical or spiritual, but I can vouch for the fact that they are real and all human beings have access to these heightened states of awareness.
We simply have to be untrained from the hustle myth and elevate ourselves to new areas of self-mastery.
Don’t get me wrong, the hustle has its’ place, but only for people operating at ordinary levels. I want you to be extraordinary.

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