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Entrepreneurs are wired to take risks but they are also wired to have regrets.
(What if I had started this early in my life? What if I had just executed my idea?)

Sharing some thoughts from my experience on balancing risk-regret when starting up young.

If you build a startup when you are young – you have fewer liabilities. You have the ability to dream more & take on bigger risks. This compounds slowly as you age. Put on your entrepreneurial blinders & block out distractions. Entrepreneurship is a long journey.

It won’t be easy in the short term but in the long run, it will all be worth it. The hours you put in towards building your startup are the hours you are not with your friends and family. Tell them what you are working on & make them a part of your journey.

Having this support group around you is very important.
They are your first supporters & believers. Have an end goal that whatever startup you build irrespective of the scale/stage/funding, you will do so with discipline & happiness. Executing daily is key.

These are mere words gleaned from my journey and I hope they will help you in yours. All of this boils down to 3 things – vision, ambition and execution. It’s ok to fail. But it’s not ok to have not tried at all.

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