Our Earth looks like a true work of art- Astronaut shares stunning pics of earth from space station



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Matthias Maurer, an astronaut onboard the International Space Station, left the internet in awe when he shared pictures of the Earth from the space station. Even the astronaut could not tell the shapes and lines in the desert. The stunning photographs were more like beautiful paintings as seen from such great distance.

“Seen from above, our Earth looks like a true work of art, took these colourful pictures of the Arabian Peninsula, but I also wonder what these shapes and lines in the desert are #EarthObservation #CosmicKiss,” he wrote in the tweet.

On January 30, Matthias Maurer took to microblogging site Twitter and shared the pictures with netizens. The photographs left everyone wondering the location seen in the photographs. The tweet has so far garnered more than 1200 likes on Twitter followed by some 146 retweets.

This was however not the first such instance when stunning pictures left the netizens spellbound. On January 28, 2022, Matthias shared photographs from a night flight over the Iberian Peninsula. Check the tweet here.

According to Twitter bio, Matthias Maurer is an astronaut of the European Space Agency and is currently on the ISS for the Cosmic Kiss mission. He often shares pictures of Earth from the ISS. Maurer was launched to the ISS on November 11 2021 for a mission named Cosmic Kiss. It was his first space mission, as per ESA.

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