A Supermodel’s Journey from Assam to New Yorkork




The 23 year old from Assam is often mistaken in New York for a Brazilian supermodel with a funny accent.

Madhulika Sharma graces the covers of magazines and is associated with brands like Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Saks Fifth Avenue, American Eagle and MAC.

Now based in New York, she was born in Assam and raised in Arunachal Pradesh, where her father was posted as a manager at the State Bank of India.

Her mother runs Yarn Glory, a company selling handspun sarees and stoles.

Growing up in the lap of nature in the north east, Madhulika had no inkling or desire to be associated with fashion or modeling.

Her childhood was spent finding joy in the smaller things in life — making rag dolls, picking fruits, and gardening.

She learned to play the piano and is classically trained from the Trinity College of London.

The girl from the north east who now walks for the best names in international fashion today was content wearing hand-me-downs from cousins those days.
While at Miranda House in New Delhi, pursuing a degree in political science, life took an unusual turn to point her in the direction of modeling.

“My friend was trying to get into the National Institute of Design and had to submit a profile along with his application. So he asked me to model for his pictures — holding an orange and a few more portraits,” she recalls in a conversation with Rediff.com US Contributor Abhijit Masih.

“Those rather unprofessionally shot images, I posted on my social media and suddenly there was an outpour of messages. People started asking if I was managed by an agency and where I was from, and that was the beginning.”

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