7 Doable New Year Resolutions for 2022



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Millions of people make New Year’s resolutions very seriously. But there are also those who think promises to change an undesired behavior or resolve to continue good practice doesn’t really work or need not be promised.
Nevertheless, it has been a tradition for centuries to accomplish a personal goal or improve one’s life from the start of a year.
New Year’s Resolution is a common tradition in the Western Hemisphere. Over the years, it has also become very popular in the Eastern Hemisphere.

New Year’s resolution(s) varies from person to person. A new promise to drop an undesired behavior or continue a good practice depends on a person’s lifestyle, work, health, family, and dozens of other constants and variables.

• Don’t ignore sleep

• Think hard before splurging

• Go green

• Learn a new skill

• Travel more

• Focus on Mental health

• Do Exercise Regularly

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